Health Safety & Environment


Safety for your family and our service technicians is our priority, Our company targets the use of odorless and environment-friendly chemicals, and we are focused on herbal pest control service. Herbal pest control service is not only Environment friendly but it does not have a bad impact on our health.
The safety of Pest Control got a whole lot safer when organophosphate chemicals were removed from our pest control Company, now since much safer chemicals were introduced into our Company, our job became a whole lot harder than other jobs. Now there is an experienced Technician and trained Technician needed for effective Pest Management service. After all, it’s all approximately making use of insecticides withinside the most secure viable manner and in regions that can be out of reach for you and your family.
Pesticides used in the course of a General Pest Control remedy are carried out at such low rates; typically the lively component is much less than 1%. Pesticides at the moment are so powerful they have got the capacity at killing small bugs with ease, don't have any scent, and pose no danger to you or your pests.
During a Pest Control remedy, the pesticide will not have any scent and is carried out with minimal droplet length in low floor regions. This guarantees there aren't any airborne residues. In this manner, there may be 0 risks of publicity to chemical compounds via breathing. For technician health Our company is always conscious about it our technicians use Health kits (safety goggles, hand gloves, safety helmets, safety boots, PPE Kit etc )
Our 5 Golden rules for Pest Control.
1. Read the instructions given on pesticide containers
2. Maintain and check the sprayers & other equipments before use
3. Use protective cloth and other bodywares
4. Pesticide handle carefullY
5. Practice good personal hygiene before & after application